Koppel and Son

Koppel and Son is the name of the close musical collaboration between father and son, Anders Koppel and Benjamin Koppel. Koppel and Son replacse Anders Koppel’s 36-year old band “Bazaar” (with Peter Bastian and Flemming Quist Møller), who played their last concert January 2013.

Koppel & Son performs regularly as a duo, but mostly they act as a foundation for different solo-artists. The solo-artists range from rappers to singers (both classical and rhythmic) and instrumentalists, who are also classical, world- and rhythmical musicians. – From cellist Henrik Dam Thomsen over the Colombian percussionist Tupac Mantilla, to rock-guitarist Aske Jacoby over opera-singer Gitta Maria Sjöberg, to soul/gospel-singer, Marie Carmen Koppel.

The repertoire spans widely, but is definitely for the most part composed of the two generations of the Koppel family, Anders and Benjamin. They are both musicians with a long, wide-ranging career on the Danish music scene, and have both flair and vision to explore many different musical expressions and genres.

Koppel & Son intends to break down the boundaries between rhythmic and classical music, and between the different genres within rhythmic music; jazz, world, pop etc.

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