Moonjam was created by the Danish brothers and musicians Morten and Ramus Kærså in the end of the 1980’s, and since then, the two brothers have created a very popular and catchy tune. Today Moonjam is considered a piece of Danish culture that gathers musical fragments and reflects a tune with Scandinavian roots.

After a short break, the band reoccured in 2007 on the Danish pop/rock scene. They released the luxury collection Flashback and afterwards additional two records.

A well known and characteristic sax brings Moonjam into the soul of its audience with both sensitive and poetic dynamics. Today the repertoire covers a wide field; from classic Moonjam Flashback hits over Sarai and Raining in Asia to completely new songs.

A musical experience where the magic happens on stage as the interaction between the brothers Kærså, Mikkel Nordsø, Jens Haack and Klaus Menzer culminates and creates the well known Moonjam-sound that is finally back.

Line up:
Morten Kærså (piano and vocal)
Rasmus Kærså (bass)
Mikkel Nordsø (guitar)
Jens Haack (sax)
Klaus Menzer (drums)

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Booking contact:
Morten Friis
Tel.: +45 7026 0807
Mobile: +45 6166 2648