Review / Anders Koppel – “Everything Is Subject to Change”

Marts 2012

Marking Anders Koppel’s first solo Hammond organ release, Everything Is Subject to Change is an intriguing mix of atmospherics and organics.  Pianist Kenny Werner and saxophonist Benjamin Koppel imbue the music with an austere elegance, whereas Anders Koppel’s organ and Jacob Andersen’s percussion brings an earthy element to the music.  The balance between the two makes for an album that equally engages head and heart. Your album personnel: Anders Koppel (organ), Benjamin Koppel (saxophones), Kenny Werner (piano & Fender Rhodes), and Jacob Andersen (drums & percussion).

The danger here would’ve been two-albums-in-one:  Half the songs maintaining a groove and bop, and the other half a jazz-classical fusion.  Instead, the organ provides a wintery ambiance when sax is out front, and a gospel warmth when organ takes center stage.

The lightness of the sax is grounded by organ and percussion, and Werner’s piano sometimes gives a subtle lift to the sound and sometimes acts to keep it tethered to the Earth, making for a nifty harmonic pairing.  And though very different sounds, Koppel’s organ and Werner’s piano display a conversant ease that is the glue to the music’s success.


Af Dave Sumner
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