Cowbell is a music business that releases music, book concerts and lectures and holds two annual Jazz-festivals. Cowbell also works together with a number of public and private businesses around the world to create unique musical events.

Cowbell creates musical experiences of the highest quality to the widest audience possible and is owned by the Danish saxophonist and composer Benjamin Koppel.

Cowbell started back in 2000 as Benjamin Koppel’s independent record label. Back then it was revolutionary to start your own record label. Through the years Cowbell has released about 60 albums with some of the worlds most prominent and leading musicians in the genres Jazz, Classical Music, Electronica, Hip-hop, Pop, Soul, World and Crossover – often in unique musical ensembles put together to fit the occasion.

Today Cowbell is much more than a record label and still doesn’t have any musical prejudice or boundaries: “We are always looking for the good music, which can happen in any kind of genre-mixes and –constellations, in meetings with different nationalities, generations and inspirations.” Benjamin Koppel.

Cowbell works together with a number of big and small Danish businesses and cultural institutions that think like us. Furthermore Cowbell also arranges two annual independent Jazz Festivals with at focus on genre-mix and unique artistic compositions with a number of the world’s most critical acclaimed musicians – Summer Jazz & Winter Jazz.