The two cousins, pianist Nikolaj Koppel and saxophoneplayer Benjamin Koppel founded Mad Cows Sing ensemble as an attempt to unite composed music with improvisation. The ensemble had its concert debut in Tivolis Koncertsal in august 1996, and has since toured most of the world.

Oliver Boekhoorn (oboe, english horn)
Benjamin Koppel (alto & soprano saxophone)
Andrea Gyarfas (violin)
Henrik Dam Thomsen (cello)
Nikolaj Koppel (piano, wurlitzer)
Jonas Westergaard (bass)
Jacob Andersen (percussion)
Inger Dam Jensen, Al Agami (vocal)

1. Cow Clash (B. Koppel)

Syv Scener fra køers hverdag
2. I (A. Koppel)
3. II (A. Koppel)
4. III (A. Koppel)
5. IV (A. Koppel)
6. V (A. Koppel)
7. VI (A. Koppel)
8. VII (A. Koppel)

Tre Sange, opus 119
9. Identitet ved Fuldmåne (H. Koppel)
10. Før Solopgang (H. Koppel)
11. Juni (H. Koppel)

12. Ragtime (I. Stravinsky)
13. Portrait (A. Koppel)
14. Groove Alarm/Raptime (B. Koppel)

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