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Children of the Light Trio Shines at Copenhagen Fest –

Review in DownBeat Magazine of Children of the Light Trio
By Mitch Myers


“The Children of the Light Trio’s future will hold even more surprises once its members start composing tunes specifically for this collective. Until then, bring your sunglasses to the show, because there’s more than enough light to go around. ”


“Drummer Blade stood out, mixing a soft touch on the brushes, aggressive bursts with mallets and powerful interludes in response to Pérez’s lyrical improvisations. Patitucci alternated between acoustic and electric (6-string) bass and was a wonder to behold on both sides of the low-end spectrum. Bowing sensually with intense concentration, the bassist was responsive to the slightest inflection provided by the pianist, and his near-telepathic connection with Blade made for some amazing rhythmic flourishes and joyful crescendos.”


Photo: Jannik Knudsen

Summer Jazz 2014 review – All About Jazz

Review of Summer Jazz 2014 on

By Henning Bolte, All About Jazz


“The programs of Summer Jazz presented existing groups as well as special festival (re)combinations and projects. The Cowbell ensemble gathered around Michala Petri was a good example of a genre-crossing recombination. The ensemble consisted of pianistCarsten Dahl, bassist Scott Colley, saxophonist Benjamin Koppel, cellist Henrik Dam Thomsen (soloist from the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra) and percussionistJohn Hadfield. Incidentally, Benjamin, in addition to alto saxophone, also played the mezzosopran horn—the only artist doing so in jazz until Joe Lovano met him and picked up the instrument as well. ”


“The concert gave a strong impression of the festival’s ambition, reach and actualization. Summer Jazz and Cowbell turned out as a good example of the viability of a small but high quality event, distinguished in a communal context on the urban periphery. It also demonstrated that large scale events do not automatically have to lead to fuzziness and flattening out of quality. All good reasons to further explore the festival. ”


Photo: Jannik Knudsen



Crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo

After an exquisite Winter Jazz, every ounce of energy is now being put into making a modern and mesmerizing Summer Jazz 2014, where visions and dreams go hand in hand. Jazz has to be accessible for everyone irrespective of age and experience with the at times complex genre. Summer Jazz has to be innovative in every aspect. To do this a crowd funding campaign has been launched.

Hopefully the campaign will take off and fly all the way. Find it on




In one week, Winter Jazz 2014 will take off with 7 concerts with some of the greatest jazz stars from Denmark and the North. Experience among others Tomas Franck, Eythor Gunnarsson (Mezzoforte), Koppel & Son, Alberte Winding, Hugo Rasmussen and many more.


Program for Winter Jazz 2014:

19:00: Anders Koppel/Koppel & Son feat. Aske Jacoby BUY TICKET

21:00: Benjamin Koppel New Nordic Quartet BUY TICKET


12:00: Marie Carmen Koppel meets Eythor Gunnarsson  BUY TICKET (brunch included, buy ticket here)

19:00: Dørge/Becker/Carlsen Trio  BUY TICKET

21:00: Tomas Franck & Benjamin Koppel feat. Niels Jørgen Steen & Alex Riel “Cannonball & Coltrane Tribute”  BUY TICKET


14:00: Alberte Winding   BUY TICKET

17:00: Hugo Rasmussen/Ole Kock Hansen/Christina von Bülow/Benjamin Koppel “Celebrating Phil & Quill”  BUY TICKET


WINTER JAZZ takes place in Valby and is the world’s coziest, most broadly based and entertaining jazz festival. Prøvehallen will be transformed into an intimate jazz club, where the audience is right next to the stage. As always, the prices are fair and reasonable.

This year’s theme is Danish and Nordic jazz and with Benjamin Koppel as arranger and host, the Danish and Nordic sound will be explored by some of the most talented jazz musicians from both Denmark and the North. There are plenty of opportunities to experience unique musical ensembles that go far beyond the stage. The attentive, cozy and intimate experience is the trademark of Winter Jazz.


The program offers something for everyone and welcomes both jazz connoisseurs and music lovers in general. The festival lets you enjoy more than just a concert – it gives experiences. Therefore it is possible to enjoy a delicious brunch to the tune of Marie Carmen Koppel or Nodic tapas Friday or Saturday evening during the concerts.


See you soon in Valby to the world’s coziest jazz festival.

Magnet Magazine (USA): 10.07.13: “Copenhagen Jazz Festival, report two”

By Mitch Myers

“It’s the 34th annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival. MAGNET’s Mitch Myers translates the action.

Things have been moving quickly at the Copenhagen Jazz Fest, but one thing that I’ve found is American musicians love Copenhagen. There seem to be expatriates all over the place, and the interaction between artists continually blurs international boundaries. Two days ago, I stopped by the fabled Jazz Cup CD store and caught a sterling set by guitarist Doug Raney. Raney’s father was the famous American jazz guitarist Jimmy Raney, and Doug’s a chip off the old block who made numerous records for the Steeplechase label back in the 1970s. Doug moved to Denmark in 1977 and has never looked back. His set at the Jazz Cup was straight ahead, and Raney’s band members are all great Scandinavian musicians.”

Read the whole review at: Magnet Magazine

All Photos: Jannik Knudsen



Jazz Times (USA): 17.07.13: “A Jazz festival that still concentrates on jazz”

By Mitch Myers

“Officially established in 1979, the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival ran from July 5-14. That’s 10 days, over 100 different venues and approximately 1,000 concerts in the thriving Danish city during the peak of summer. Unlike some of the other international jazz festivals these days the fest adheres to a strict but expansive jazz program, and rather than following one guiding light, the fest is driven by multiple programmers resulting in a variety of different music series conceived independently from one another. As a result jazz was being presented all day long in restaurants, bars, small cafes, large auditoriums, authentic jazz clubs, outside stages, museums and art spaces alike. It should be noted that none of this would be possible without ample support from Denmark’s Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs.”

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Valby Summer Jazz: Copenhagen, Denmark, July 6-13, 2013

“In a time of financial crisis, the solution to many festivals seems to be to cut down on the experimental budget and ambitions and focus on familiar names that are sure to attract a sizeable audience. While Valby Summer Jazz, which takes place in Copenhagen and the suburb of Valby, certainly is able to list some of the finest names in modern jazz, the goal of the festival isn’t to present the audience with something they already know. Instead, what you get at the festival are familiar artists in new contexts and a cross-fertilization of genres whose common denominator is the joy and love of music.”

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