Alberte Winding

Alberte Winding is known and beloved by both children and adults for her music, her role as Luna in “Bamses Billedbog” and for her. The heartfelt and personal expression is her trademark, and on her album “Fjerde til Venstre”, which was released on Cowbell Music in march 2011, she shows us her home as a root for it all, – writing, composing and now also recording music.

The album has won a Danish Grammy award, and serves up pleasant sounding guitar based pop with sound universes from jazz and singer-songwriter, recorded in Alberte’s apartment in the heart of Copenhagen. Here she invited the musicians for coffee, and the music came to be. The instruments were recorded in the living room by the coffee table, while duets and Alberte’s vocal were recorded in the bedroom.

Alberte tells: “To make music is my party in life. It has to taste different and good. It has to make me happy and wild. It has to move me closer to the the deepests parts of me. It has to be intense. To get to that place I’ve moved into my own home with microphones and acoustic guitars. It’s impossible for me to be other than honest and happy in these surroundings.”

The lyrics are written by Alberte, while the songs are composed by a number of prominent Danish songwriters. Here among the hit-single “Min Klub Først”, which were “Ugens Uundgåelige” on Danish pop radio P3 in April 2011, and is made in collaboration with DJ and producer Rosa Lux.

Cd’en er indspillet akustisk af hensyn til naboerne. Den indeholder baggrundslyde fra både gaden,
 gården, naboerne og hjemmets lyde.
 Fx en vaskemaskine, og kaffemaskinen der brygger,
og lyde fra gadelivet udenfor er optaget med to mikrofoner ud af vinduet 
(når det regnede med sokker på for at beskytte dem).
 I stedet for at skjule udenomsstøjen har hun inviteret den indenfor og mixet den højt i cd’ens lydbillede.

The Cd is done acoustic for the sake of the neighbors. It contains background noises from both the street, the back yard, the neighbors and sounds from the home. For example a laundry machine and the coffee machine. Noises from the street life outside, are recorded with two microphones sticking out the window (with socks on the microphones, to protect them, when it rained.) So instead of hiding the surrounding noise, she has invited it into her home and mixed it to be a big part of the Cd’s soundscape


When playing live, Alberte has her three regular partners with her; Jan Rørdam, who for a number of years has been Alberte’s number one pick on guitar, Benjamin Koppel, who has been her regular musical partners throughout the past 10 years, and Tomas Wisti Raae, who is a recurrent act on “Fjerde Til Venstre”.

Experience both new and old – From “Min Klub først” to “Lyse Nætter”, Alberte’s live repertoire spans over her whole musical career, which started in the 80’s and still is going strong.

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Mathilde Lunderskov
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