Benjamin Koppel Jazz Galla feat. Erann DD, Maria Montell, Bobo Moreno and Marie Carmel Koppel

A  jazz-pop party with Koppel and musical friends. An evening celebrating Koppels musical friendship with some of Denmarks most well known singers and crooners in pop, soul, R&B and gospel,  backed by one of Denmark’s finest jazz quartets.

Not only will the singers have a good time, but they will spread the joy and love to the audience. A concert for both jazz lovers and for those that normally don’t listen to jazz.

All About Jazz wrote in their review of the Jazz Galla koncert at Koppels summer jazz festival:
”They played a concert to an enthusiastic audience that couldn’t resist the charm of the four vocalists that Koppel had brought along….. Singer Maria Montell gave a sweet version of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” and the positive vibe was maintained by soul singer Erann DD, whose congenial version of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” was literally delivered at the edge of the scene. Drori beamed positivity and serenaded the old ladies on the balcony, but in terms of charm, he had tough competition from Denmark’s number one crooner, Bobo Moreno, who sang a self-penned tune called “Bad Timing” that was worthy of Curtis Stigers with its elegant, swinging feeling. When it came to sheer volume and power, all the singers were blown away by Marie Carmen Koppel, who lit up the hall with her marvelous gospel-voice. She gave strong versions of Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the standard “When I Fall in Love.”