Benjamin Koppel New Nordic Quartet

New Nordic Quartet is a long time dream of the Danish musician Benjamin Koppel coming true. A group, consisting of four of the best, most versatile and creative voices on the Nordic jazz music scene today, gathered to bring life to a series of new compositions by Koppel himself.

The Quartet plays music with a special Nordic tone, a specific Nordic color of language and a certain Nordic sense of poetry as starting point of inspiration. In fact, the quartets first album The Lost Musicians (Tiger Music, autumn 2013) is inspired by Benjamin Koppels favorite Nordic literature, written by authors such as William Heinesen, Hans Scherfig, Selma Lagerlööf, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Karen Blixen, Haldor Laxness, Edith Södergran and Astrid Lindgren.

Benjamin Koppel says:

“The great impact that the following authors have had on me as well as generations of others, turned out to be both an inspiring as well as unifying factor, when I began composing for this new group. I therefore decided not only to borrow a number of titles from these, my favorite Nordic authors, but also  – with the eminent help from these three master musicians – decided to search for a new Nordic sound, a Nordic approach to the thoroughly well-researched format of the standard jazz quartet, sax, piano, bass, drums.”

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Mathilde Lunderskov
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