Celebrating Phil & Quill

Phil Woods and Gene Quill are two American jazz legends that have worked together on bebop jazz records in the 1950’s.

Legendary bass player Hugo Rasmussen and saxophone player Benjamin Koppel have invited a Danish star group on stage in an alto saxophone meeting with saxophonist Christina von Bülow and the great pianist Ole Kock Hansen (known for his long standing collaboration with NHØP) as lead acts.

The music dates back to the 1950’s where the two legends met both playing alto saxophone. They managed to set the style for the sound of jazz at the time. A style that today is considered world class classical jazz.

Line up:
Christina von Bülow (alto sax)
Benjamin Koppel (alto sax)
Ole Kock Hansen (piano)
Hugo Rasmussen (double-bass)
Frands Rifbjerg (drums)

Booking contact: Jacob Kabel / booking(at)cowbellmusic.dk / +45 7026 0807