Jazz Galla

Benjamin Koppel’s  Jazz Galla feat. Søren Sko, Maria Montell, Bobo Moreno & Marie Carmen Koppel

Jazz Gala is an evening of entertainment; festive and jazzy pop music and some of Denmark’s greatest voices. A spectacular atmosphere is secured when the pop rock singer Søren Sko, pop girl Maria Montell, crooner Bobo Moreno and gospel diva Marie Carmen Koppel go on stage with charming and jazzy evergreens like When I fall in LoveSmile and What a Wonderful World.

The first time the Jazz Galla concept was introduced to an audience was at a packed Betty Nansen Theatre at Koppel’s sub-festival to Copenhagen Jazz Festival Summer Jazz in 2013. The evening was magical and the renowned international online jazz magazine All About Jazz wrote:
“The concert was a beautiful example of how pop can create a community where troubles and worries are set aside for a moment. It was jazzy pop, but first of all it was pop and a concert for those who don’t normally listen to jazz.”.

At the Jazz Galla concept, four of the most beloved and well-known Danish soloists get together across pop, soul and gospel. Together they get the audience out of the chairs by performing known classics and seductive ballads. Their warm voices and the recognizable tunes create a delightful flow from the stage and let the audience be close to the charming and competent soloists. The entertainers are being backed up by saxophonist Benjamin Koppel who is conductor for a team of outstanding musicians: one of the most well renowned jazz pianists in Scandinavia, Icelandic Eythor Gunnarson and Jesper Bodilsen, one of the most talented bass players in Denmark make the swinging rhythm group together with drummer Espen Laub von Lillienskjold.

Line up:
Søren Sko (vocal)
Maria Montell (vocal)
Bobo Moreno (vocal)
Marie Carmen Koppel (vocal)
Benjamin Koppel (saxophone)
Eythor Gunnarson (piano)
Jesper Bodilsen (bass)
Espen Laub von Lillienskjold (drums)

Booking contact: Jacob Kapel / booking(at)cowbellmusic.dk / +45 7026 0807