March 2012

“I’ve yet to find anyone else who is able to produce music that is just like this infusion of jazz, classical, exotic, soundtrack instrumental ambrosia with a combination of elegantly created , and sometimes conflicting winter and summer. The music is able to make you feel the chill, and at the same time sense the warmth. I can hear slight carnival playfulness in Anders’ organ in songs like “Lost City Arts” (track 6) yet also some slightly masked gospel influences. Kenny’s piano work is simply great usually giving twinkling ornamentation to the song at hand. Benjamin’s sax playing is ultimately reserved, being placed at the most tasteful spots. The playing is impeccable as expected from each person. Jacob sometimes is more a ghost with his percussion. You get fooled very quickly with this music. You can think it is all simple then it has passed you by and you failed to pick up all the parts that were being presented. I loved listening to this multiple times to gain things I missed the previous listen.”

“I’d say these four musicians are a perfect match for this CD. I can’t wait to hear another recording. Recommended!!”

Reviewed by Lee Henderson












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