Two of the United States biggest Jazz-musicians, the bass player Scott Colley and the drummer Brian Blade toured Europe in October 2013 with Danish musician, Benjamin Koppel.


The remarkable bass player Scott Colley and perhaps the world’s most interesting and original drummer in these years: Brian Blade, met Benjamin Koppel on stage in 10 concerts from Denmark to Germany, Ostria, Czech Republic and more.


Benjamin Koppel is one of Denmark’s most versatile musicians and at the same time he is one of jazz’ most industrious entrepreneurs. Brian Blade and his Fellowship Band performed at Koppels sub-festival in Denmark in 2012, where he became friends with Benjamin Koppel and Scott Colley. The three musicians now came together for the first time and performed a series of spectacular concerts:


Pictures from the concerts:




Read a review (in German) of the concert in Hotel Ochsen, Germany: