Reach Out – official song supporting the orangutang (WWF)|

Marie Carmen Koppel & Benjamin Koppel – Cause It Reminds Me Of You|

Officiel video with danish rapper Pede B feat. Benjamin Koppel|

Anders Koppel – Everything is Subject to Change|

Living Room Recordings – Tupac Mantilla, Aske Jacoby, Benjamin Koppel, Anders Koppel|

Living Room Recordings – Tupac Mantilla tells about his unique percussion set up|

Benjamin Koppel & Sjællands String Quartet – music by Anders Koppel|

Benjamin Koppel – Paradise (to be) Regained|

Benjamin Koppel testing his unique G-mezzosopran (part 1)|

Benjamin Koppel testing his unique G-mezzosopran (part 2)|

Kenny Werner & Benjamin Koppel at Twins Jazz, Washington|

Cowgirl cartoon made by Sara Koppel|

Tupac Mantilla, Benjamin Koppel, Henrik Dam Thomsen, Anders Koppel|